Lighting "Guerilla Style" with LED Lights

Quero ser metido não, mas vou escrever esse testo em Inglés, para procurar chegar no maior público possível, to curioso de ver o que acontece. De qq forma aqui esta a versão em portuguese! Vai que dá uma meia duzia de likes amais na minha fanpage...... by the way esse kit está dísponível para locação na Greatgabbo.

Disclaimer: I’'ve not been paid from Blind Spot to write this article. I’m just a proud early backer of their kickstarter project , an enthusiast user and I like these guys: they are very responsive and cool. I also know these video clips are no masterpieces at all from a photographical point of view, there are several fuck-ups and so on, but considering the popularity they reached and the condition they where shot in, I think that at the end of the day we’ve done a decent job, and maybe some young filmmakers would be interested to know a bit of the behind the scenes of them. Lastly, I own and rent these things, so of course, I’m interested in showing how well they work.

Ah yeah, and if you want to find out some other BTS and equipment reviews don't forget to like Greatgabbo's Fanpage.

I’ve been lately involved as DP in a series of video clips with Ganjafilm a Brazilian Indy-Guerilla-Anti-prohibitionist-Rap-specialized Production Company based in Rio de Janeiro. In a little more than 5 weeks, the 4 micro-budget videoclips they released on Youtube have done more than 1.2 million views. In 3 of them I’ve done extensive use of the Scorpion Light Kit.

This little beasts are great tools: I use them all the time when I have to work guerilla style, with small crew, pressure, and with very little infrastructure behind. I think they are great as practicals all the time, and as punchy backlights. In a 55x30x19 cm 11 kg hard case, you have 4 of these little beasts, plus 8 batteries, 4 clamps, 4 AC, gels and other little stuff. It’s a really small footprint in comparison with all the other light equipment I normally use. You can bring it with you “just in case”, and you’ll probably find the way to use them.

DVASTO “RUAS SOMBRIAS”: this is the newest and maybe the one I like more (even if it doesn’t have a lot of "views"). We shoot this in two locations @ Rocinha, one of the biggest slums in the world. Set up choose was a SonyA7s (with CineGamma4, APC-S crop mode and probably around 1250 ISO, probably 3200 K but not sure about it) with Atomos Shogun for monitoring and external recording, a 24mm CP2 Zeiss lens, on a Ronin Mini with a RedrockMicro Remote Follow Focus, and a bounced “sungun” LED Comer on the same gimbal, to give a very little frontal fill light. In order to light the whole scene we had several tungsten sources that I thought I could plug, but after turning on the first 650 W Fresnel, it was quite evident that another one of them would probably cause the shouting down of the precarious electrical system of the street. The Power Generator was excluded cause logistic problems such as distance of this little street from the nearest point our car could arrive, budget, time etc. Fortunately I had with me a couple of LED panels and the Scorpion kit.

More details on the image gallery.

CONE CREW “ENERGIA”: I had two hours in order to prep the equipment and go to the location in order to shoot this clip. So I grabbed what I had home and went at the location. Fortunately we shoot at Visom Digital, an historical Sound Studio in Rio de Janeiro, that is starting to make content for television, so after a chat with Carlão (a friend and the owner of the place), I was able to grab his Canon C500 to shoot (with my set of Samyang “cine”).

By the way, if you are in Rio de Janeiro and you want to rent Canon Cameras you should have a chat with Carlão before.

PH Steltzer, Ganjafilmes’ main director, wanted a dark, very contrasted look on the “mic room”, so I just placed a Ianiro 350 W on one side in order to light the background and another 650 W Fresnel as a kind of rim light. In the DJ part of the studio I just used the whole set of Scorpions and for one shoot a little cheapo LED panel.

The scene in the street was totally improvised: I was there with my pimped DJI Ronin (that I call “steadigimbal”), no focus control, no assistant, it was raining, one of the MCs had to catch a plane and he was very late and pissed, and we hadn’t any gels in order to correct the Temperature of the only LED panel we had with us in that moment.

More details on the image gallery.

JOSBY “LOCAL LEGEND”: on this scene, in this very very small studio I used a Scorpion as a backlight, no other light would have fit on that spot.

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